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Louise Cooper

Quality assurance is in my blood.  My professional history includes ensuring the quality of a cutting edge product in high tech metallurgical manufacturing and the products were for a leading brand on a multi-national scale.  I enjoyed a high flying lifestyle with regular treatments at top end salons.

I knew the difference between fabulous treatments...and the not so fabulous!

Fast forward a few years and I found myself training in Holland in order to provide my clients with the very highest quality salon treatments available.  I built up a chain of 4 independent salons in the Essex area which specialised in tanning, nails and top end treatments.

My clients valued the quality of both the care and the products available at my salons.

Quality Assurance

As a client I demanded the very best treatments.  My clients deserve the same.

Using my history in quality and research taught me that only the very best, most thoroughly researched products should be used on our skin.

It is these products engineered with care, precision and a deep understanding of the chemical balance of the skin which I am now delighted to unveil.

Experience for Advanced Products

I have been within the beauty industry for 15+ years, and am a qualified beauty teacher and NVQ Assessor. I have set up 4 Beauty Salons and 2 Beauty Training Academies.

I have developed the products for my new range with you in mind.  I know what women want.  We are all workers, wives, mothers, grandmothers and it is this that makes us unique.  Come out of the shade and colour your life with products that care.

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