Privacy & GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Who we are?

Louise Cooper Trading as The Beauty Studio Ingleby Barwick and U Glow Tan

How do we use your data?

When you click submit on a contact form on this website, the data you have entered is sent to our email inbox for processing.  Your data is sent over a secure page.

Any payments are encrypted and use https security.

We do not share your data.  We do not give or sell your data to anyone else.  Your data is used to respond to your query and to enable the smooth transaction on our website of your purchase.

How we store your data?

Your data will be stored within our email system to the point that the enquiry is answered and the contact form email will then be deleted.  Your data might be stored on our local machine or hard drive. Your data will not be stored in a cloud. We will only retain your data in order to respond to your current and any future contact, transaction or business.  At any time you can request that your data is destroyed.

Can I be forgotten?

You have the right to be forgotten and your data will following your request be eradicated from our systems completely.   Please contact Lisa by email at or by phoning me on  and I will ensure that any data I hold is deleted.

Will you send me unsolicited emails?

I may email you from time to time in order to let you know about offers, events, promotions or new products and services.   I will determine if I think the email might be of interest personally.  This will not be done by any 3rd party.  You can unsubscribe from this email list by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email.  If having read this you do not wish to receive any emails you can be removed from my mailing list by contacting me on the details above.

How is my data stored on your systems?

Any personal information I hold on you is limited to the detail you entered on the online form or during the checkout process.  This data is requested purely in order to help resolve our business together.  This data is held only on a local drive and is accessed only by myself.  It is backed up regularly to a portable hard drive with each back up overwriting the previous.   It is not backed up to a cloud.

How is the sensitive data which I entered when completing treatment consent forms?

The responses you provided on the Treatment Consent Forms are used by me to ensure that the products we use are suitable for you.  Please be honest regarding any allergies or previous issues. The forms are stored in a locked filing cabinet.  If you think I may hold a consent form for you and you would like to this to be shredded please contact me.

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