U Glow Tan


U Glow Tan moisturising, hydrating self-tan for flawless golden skin with no stickiness, no smell and simple application leaving your skin naturally golden.

Spritz on.  Gently massage with our recommended mitt...and go.

Your tan. Your day.

The formula allows you to shower just three hours after the tan is applied.  It continues to develop on the skin after showering.

U Glow Tan has minimal odour.  U Glow has been specially formulated to work with each individual skin tone allowing your result to be individual to you.

U Glow makes sunless tanning effortless, with reduced odour, fast acting solution & clear application.



U Glow Tan a brand new concept in tanning water. Easy to apply and develops a sun-kissed flawless tan in 6-8 hours.

Your skin feels moisturised but not sticky.

Love self-tan products but NOT that lingering smell?  U Glow minimises the tell-tale scent ensuring you enjoy the tan without the smell.

Spritz on.  Massage in with the recommended mitt and  U Glow is dry to the touch in 60 seconds …meaning you can get on with your day whilst your tan gently develops.

You are purchasing a 100ml bottle of  U Glow which is posted out to you for self-application.

The mitt can be purchased separately or together with a bottle of U Glow Tan.



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