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We don't adhere to the myth that beauty is merely skin deep.  At the Beauty Studio we work with every level of your skin.

We treat the whole "you"

Be the woman you want to be...

For optimum health and beauty.

The Beauty Studio at Ingleby Barwick....time to come out of the shade.

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Easy & Hydrating Self-Tan

UGlow Tan moisturising, hydrating self-tan for flawless golden skin with no stickiness, no smell and simple application leaving your skin naturally golden.
This revolutionary product outshines other self-tan products.
Spritz on.  Massage with mitt. And go.

Your tan. Your day.

U Glow Tan

What our clients say about U Glow

I have used every tanning product over the years with varying degrees of success.  From cheap tanning wipes to top end salon spray tans and every self-applied product in between. I bought a bottle of U Glow to prepare for a trip to New York in which I planned to wear my strappy dresses and cool culottes.  I used U Glow on my arms, shoulders, face, neck and shoulders on the first day of our trip and as the day progressed my best friend commented on my developing tan.  So impressed was she, that she used U Glow on her legs as she was wearing a beautiful cream mini-dress.  The spray goes on with no mess.  And no smell.  We both used the supplied mitt to gently ease the tan water across our skin.  Becky's legs already quite tanned developed a beautiful deep tan whilst my top half developed a natural glow which it kept throughout the 5 days of our trip to the Big Apple.  I would definitely recommend this product.

Lisa Johnstone

This was so easy to apply and gave me a natural looking tan exactly as the instructions said it would. I recommend this to all of my friends.

Becky Pittard

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